The Editorial:

You Can Miss Us With Your Misogynoir, Snoop

For Bisexual Black Girls Who Didn’t Know Janelle Monae Was Going to Create Their Anthem Today

A Black Woman Created The “Me Too” Campaign Against Sexual Assault

Everyone Saying Kaepernick Should Quiet His Activism Are The Ones Who Need To Be Silent

How Kalief Browder’s Dad Reinforced A Problematic View Of Black Prisoners

The Culture: 

5 Things I Would Have Preferred Not To Learn About Ja Rule After Watching The Fyre Fest Documentary

There’s Finally A Black Woman Meditation Teacher On Headspace And It’s Kind Of A Big Deal

5 Things To Know About Pansexuals And The Free Ass Motherf**kers Who Identify As Such 

15 Queer Black Music Artists Who Are Proudly Living Their Truth

Drake’s Pic With Sade Is Giving Us The Sweetest Taboo

Beyond The Dab: 8 Reasons Migos Has Become Hip-Hop’s Trendsetters

Remy Ma Freestyle Reveals Rapper Has Beef With Men’s Activists, Too

Remember The Woman Who Inspired The #UNameIt Challenge? The Grammys Didn’t. 

The Profile:

This Black Org Helped Oust Bill O’ Reilly By Hitting Fox Where It Hurts

This Afro-Latina’s Art Is Therapy For Black Women Suffering From America

This Former Inmate Wants To Close Rikers Island, And He Has The Mayor’s Attention

Light Reading: 

Lea DeLaria Can Make You Feel Butch Without All Of The Hard Work

I’ll Be Over Here: 5 Songs Indicating You’ve Outgrown the Turn Up

7 College Courses That Are Black AF

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