The Editorial:

For Bisexual Black Girls Who Didn’t Know Janelle Monae Was Going to Create Their Anthem Today

A Black Woman Created The “Me Too” Campaign Against Sexual Assault

Sometimes, Justice Has To Be Bought So Let’s #CapeForKaep Like We Said We Would

Everyone Saying Kaepernick Should Quiet His Activism Are The Ones Who Need To Be Silent

‘The Breakfast Club’ And All Its Problematic Banter: Is It Time For A Boycott?

How Kalief Browder’s Dad Reinforced A Problematic View Of Black Prisoners

7 College Courses That Are Black AF

10 Reasons Why Michelle Obama Is One Magical Mom

14 Beautiful Black Queens To Emulate This Halloween

Mind Over Misogynoir

Neighboring Nonprofit Leader, Archye Leacock, Helps Repair State of Philly’s Youth

Political Change of Heart Restores Faith of Pro-Pot Philly

The Reality of Solitary Confinement in Our Prisons

In Every Community: LGBT Domestic Violence

The Culture: 

5 Things To Know About Pansexuals And The Free Ass Motherf**kers Who Identify As Such 

Activists, Politicians, Pastors Did Not Come To Play At Kaepernick Rally

Michelle Obama’s Tribute To Chance The Rapper Literally Moved Him To Tears

Ice Cube Dishes On How He Got His Cold Rap Moniker

15 Queer Black Music Artists Who Are Proudly Living Their Truth

Solange’s Letter To Her Teenage Self Captures How her Invincibility Was Born

7 Quotes From Dark-Skinned Women Who Are In Love With Their Melanin

Drake’s Pic With Sade Is Giving Us The Sweetest Taboo

Beyond The Dab: 8 Reasons Migos Has Become Hip-Hop’s Trendsetters

Remy Ma Freestyle Reveals Rapper Has Beef With Men’s Activists, Too

Remember The Woman Who Inspired The #UNameIt Challenge? The Grammys Didn’t. 

Stop Faking It: The MTV Show’s Role in The Faux Lesbianism Trend

The Profile:

This Black Org Helped Oust Bill O’ Reilly By Hitting Fox Where It Hurts

This Afro-Latina’s Art Is Therapy For Black Women Suffering From America

This Former Inmate Wants To Close Rikers Island, And He Has The Mayor’s Attention

Light Reading: 

Lea DeLaria Can Make You Feel Butch Without All Of The Hard Work

5 Gin Cocktails That Will Give You All the Summer Feels

I’ll Be Over Here: 5 Songs Indicating You’ve Outgrown the Turn Up

When You Just Can’t, Don’t

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